How Our Furniture is Made

“We aim to make each piece of furniture the best way we know how.”

This process must start with the design, with attention to aesthetic, proportion, timber selection, joinery and the final finish.

While George’s preference is to use solid timber, in some cases veneered board is used for stability reasons.

A range of timbers are used, both Australian and imported but only the highest quality timbers are selected. A great deal of care and effort goes into matching and laying out boards used in table tops as this is the most visible part of the piece.

The choice of joinery method is crucial to the long term durability of the piece of furniture. By preference, George uses the traditional joinery like mortice and tenon over the more modern alternatives of dowelling or biscuit joinery. Over centuries, mortice and tenons have proved to be the superior form of joinery, relying on the joints mechanical strength, rather than the chemical strength of the glue, ensuring your piece will be enjoyed by many generations.

For pieces of furniture requiring drawers, George still offers to hand cut the dovetails, giving both a pleasing aesthetic and exceptional strength to the piece.

Where desirable, George uses solid timber inlays as design features.